Are you a Parent, Student, Guardian, Uncle or Aunty that is seeking to Get a Personal Home Tutor in Owerri/Enugu/Awka

Research shows that the average teacher to pupil/student ratio is 1:35 in Lagos/Enugu alone. That means that one teacher is given the responsibility to teach over 35 students at the same time irrespective of the students corresponding learning curves. This is absolutely an inefficient learning process as some students would understand the teacher while some won’t even get the fundamentals.

In a bid to solve the current decline in the pass rate of students across Nigeria Tutor Finder has noticed that the most efficient way to impact knowledge to our numerous students is to facilitate a one-one tutoring platform.

Who are our tutors?

In recent times we have been able to prepare over 800 students for several exams and we take a lot of pride in all our tutors. We select only the best of the best Post graduate, undergraduates or fresh graduates. See criteria we use to select tutors we work with below.

When inviting a tutor into your home you will want to know you can trust them. As well as matching you with the right tutor, you will have peace of mind in knowing that all tutors will have security background checks before they can work with us.

Not only that, they will have undergone a rigorous process to become part of our tutoring team. Our tutors don’t just teach a subject; they teach skills to conquer all educational obstacles.

Tutor Finder tutors must go through the following recruitment process:

  • Criminal background check
  • Reference check
  • Multiple interviews
  • Thorough testing
  • Comprehensive tutor training

This multi-step process ensures only the best of the best are able to tutor your child

Our Tutors are;

  1. An undergrad, recent graduate or experienced teacher
  2. Not younger than 20 and not older than 40
  3. Very fluent in English with good computer skills/literate
  4. Very versatile in chosen area of specialty. For instance a tutor that wants to lecture Mathematics would really be guru in mathematics!.
  5. Very honest, humble, hardworking and God fearing


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