Below Are Some Of The Question Our Concerned Parents And Tutors Ask

Who are Tutor Finder Tutors?

Tutor Finder home tutor are respectable and qualified undergraduates/graduates/Post graduates, experienced teacher that teach/coach your children at the comfort of your homes. Over time, statistics reveal that students that have 1-1 sessions with their teacher perform 75% better than students without. Looking to connect with a tutor? Fill A Form

Why Contact Tutor Finder Instead Of Getting A Tutor Myself

At Tutor Finder, we have access to more than 1000 tutors in different specialties and locations across Owerri, Enugu, Awka, Aba, Umuahia. This makes it possible for us to match you/your child/your ward with the very best of the best tutors without any stress to you. We try to work with your budget and make the entire process as stress free and flexible as possible. Also in the event where you need to make a drastic change such as changing location, changing the tutor (for whatever reason) or changing the subjects being taught by the tutor.We also give a money back guarantee if the child do not improve by 60% or more

How Does Tutor Finder Works?

Three easy steps

  1. The client/parent is required to fill our online form which helps us collect all the important information about the student that we need to match them to a highly suitable tutor.
  2. We Search our database for tutors who suit your preference and required skill set.
  3. Handle all negotiations with the tutors and send the most suitable tutor to you

What Classes/Age do you Tutor?

We work with students from ages 4 upwards. However, for any child between 4 – 8 we require that a nanny or guardian must be present with the child at all times while the tutor is teaching/coaching the child. This is because our tutors ARE NOT NANNIES and are not responsible for feeding the child, washing clothes etc.

How Do You Charge And What Are Your Rates?

We charge based on a number of factors including:

  1. How specialized is the knowledge or skill set that is to be taught?
  2. How many people (kids) is the tutor expected to handle?
  3. How often is the tutor expected to come and how many hours each session expected to take?
  4. Distance between the tutor and the client’s residence.
  5. The level of experience that the client requires the tutor to have
  6. The age of the child.

To determine our exact rates for your request, feel to fill the tutor request form first and an agent would contact you with price details

What If I Have A Low Budget?

We do our best to ensure that we are able to work within reasonable budgets (usually above 25,000 per month) and since we work with such a large number of tutors we are always able to find tutors within your budget.

How Flexible Are The Arrangements?

The arrangements are extremely flexible and can be changed based on further conversation between client and tutor. In cases where the new arrangements by a client are no longer favorable for the tutor we are able to find a new tutor for the client with no extra charge if given at least a one month’s notice of the change.


How do I get myself, my kid, younger sister, younger brother or little cousin a home tutor?

Its pretty simple. Click below fill form below to apply to get a Tutor Finder Home Tutor.



Call/Send a text message to


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Tutor finder is the best honestly, i got a tutor for my son Henry when he was entering senior class to tutor him on science subjects like physics, chemistry and further mathematics and he performed exceedingly well. He is the best in his class. I recommend tutor finder anytime. Their tutors are the best and their price are affordable.

Mrs Ijeoma Mbama Lecturer, Alvan Ikoku College Of Education

My son wisdom was having difficulties in mathematics, a friend of mind advised me to get a private tutor for him from Tutor finder, i gave them a call and later went to their office in owerri. A tutor by name chimezie comes to my house three times a week to tutor wisdom. Wisdom has improved in mathematics last semester he scores 78 in his mathematics exam and the second in class. Tutor finders are the best.

Mrs Ngozi Ahams NIPOST Owerri

I got a tutor from tutor finder when i wanted to learn Excel and PHP programming and today I’m an expert in handling any kind of data using excel and a la ravel developer all thanks to vitalis a tutor finder tutor who coached me on OO PHP and Goodnews who taught me Advanced Excel

Jachike Computer Science Student ESUT

Rules to adhere to when getting a Home Lesson Teacher in Owerri/Enugu/Awka


Over time we have noticed that some parents seek the services of a home lesson teacher  but they are not sure of the best approach. Here we have decided to highlight some things to look out for

  • Get home lesson teacher would teach according to standard practice even when you are not at home. We have had several instances where the home tutor get complacent because the parent is never around.
  • Do a thorough background check on your home lesson teacher. Visit there homes, have contact details of there guarantors and in some cases do a medical test
  • Ensure that all your tutors sign a contractual agreement in order to avoid complications as regards payment
  • Always have an adult present during home tutoring/teaching sessions especially for younger kids
  • Bear in mind that the the salary you pay the tutor is almost directly proportional to the level of concentration the teacher would give the student. Please optimize to pay the tutor as much as possible
  • Get the teacher to send you weekly feedback of how sessions that held for the week

All the above mentioned rules can be very stressful especially if you are busy at work Do the Smart Thing Work With a Reputable Home Tutoring Agency For The Same Price. Click Below To Get a Home Tutor